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Electricity Saver is a new generation Intelligent home and commercial usage energy saver device which is designed to save money on your electricity bills.

Worried about high electricity bills?
We have all been hit hard by rising energy costs, this has had a huge impact financially on all households and businesses and with very little help from our government it has left so many families facing a lack of confidence when using our electric heating or other household or business appliances.

The Electricity Saver box starts working instantly when plugged into any socket in your home. A maximum of three devices can be used in any household or business, achieving 15-30% savings on your electricity bills starting from as little as one month of usage.

The Electricity Saver Box uses the latest electrical capacitor technology to actively monitor and improve the Power Factor of your appliances. The intelligent digiset° technology also optimizes the voltage and current demands, reduces surges resulting in a decrease in the active power/kWh demands in real time to achieve savings on your electricity bills putting more of your hard earned money back in your pocket.

The Electricity Saver box also boasts an overheating protection system which automatically powers off the device if the working temperature gets too high, and will resume function when cooled down

Safe and easy to use!
The Electricity Saver Box is simple, safe and easy to use, as we like to say- Plug & Play ready. There is no wiring, programming or any complicated installation instructions to follow- simply plug the box into any socket in the house or business and start saving money immediately.

We ship worldwide
In the Republic Of Ireland you can enjoy next day delivery with our An Post Express next day delivery service which cost €5.99 per box. Your order must be placed before 2pm to get your Electricity Saver Box delivered the next day as our daily ship out is done at 3pm. Orders placed after 2pm will be delivered the following working day. We strive for customer satisfaction and offer a 12 month warranty on all devices, in the unlikely event of a malfunction with any device we will replace the device for a new one or refund you the full purchase amount depending on your preference.